Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Algerian Love Knot .. Why Algerian?!

Ok, this is the Algerian Love Knot designed by Sophie Harley. I was stroke by the name of this necklace because -being an Algerian- I don’t understand why is it called like this?! First, I tried to examine its shape, to detect anything that can be related to Algerian culture or stuff like this .. nothing!
And then I’ve read something like “this necklace is a symbol of love, joy, wealth and health” .. Hahaha, oh yes of course, this is very Algerian! 

Seriously, it’s kind of weird, but the good thing is that this necklace was famous because it has been worn by Eva Green in James Bond movie, so for once that “Algeria” rhymes with “love” in an American blockbuster instead of “terrorism”, “extremism” or “underdevelopment”, it’s ok.   

Let me show you what we can call an authentic Algerian Love Knot: 

This is a traditional (well, the one in the photo is a kind of a modern version I guess) piece of jewellery worn by Algerian women in very special occasions. It is called “Cravach Boulahya”, literally it means “the bearded man’s whip” (weirder than the Algerian Love Knot, isn’t it!!!). But I think that the origin of the name is probably related to the shape of the necklace.

This necklace is the kind of things that you would wear once in your life, in your wedding day, and I think that it is no longer worn just because it is extremely expensive. Actually, it is so expensive that once you see its price, all the LOVE disappears leaving just the KNOT .. in the throat.   


  1. I think your article is so narrow minded, The story behind the Algerian love knot is simple, these kind of knots were made by Algerian sailors to remember their loved ones.

    1. This is not an article. It is a personal point of view.
      I would like to ask: are you Algerian?

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  3. Let me first point out that I am Algerian. Now that i've earned the right to post a comment, i'd like to say that I share the same curiosity. Why Algerian? I mean, this kind of knot doesn't even have a name in our culture (as far as I can tell).
    The name origin put aside, I really like the sarcastic connection between the Algerian Love Knot and El Krafach Boulahia.

    1. Lol! Hey Lotfi, it's just that I'm not very active here anymore, too much work alas!
      Well, I tried to look for the name's origin but I found nothing about this story of sailors! It's more like Celtic, I guess.
      Anyway, the name, the sailors, and the movie put apart, it's such an ugly piece of jewelry lol