Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Notes To My Future Husband

I came across this on MSN Arabia home page (yeah, the first time I see something good in this stupid page!). I like the way it is written: it's funny but true. 

By May Rostom

Hey stranger, 
Why is it taking you so long to show up? Anyway I know you’re out there somewhere, probably stuck in traffic or dating some dumb girl that’s not right for you (but will most probably lead you to me) so I just wanted to ask if you’d be ok with the following:

1. I take around 30 minutes to get ready. Even when I say “I'm ready”, I’ll probably need 15 more minutes. Don’t worry, it won’t be a problem when we get married, you can watch TV while I brush my hair.

2. I don’t care much about sports unless it involves hot shirtless men, music and dancing, and a romantic love story (you know, like Glee maybe!).

3. My best friend is your best friend, capiche? Pretend you like her, take her out to dinner if I'm out of town and she's lonely, and don’t get pissed when I tell her we fought yesterday (she knows EVERYTHING).
4. Lose the bulky muscles and the tight tank top. I don’t care how much weight you lift at the gym as long as you make me laugh to tears.

5. When I say I'm fine, I'm either fine or, not fine but don’t want to talk about it (TIP: back off). 

6. I don’t want to change, I like myself and if I thought anything was wrong with me I would’ve changed it a long time ago. So please don’t try to change me, don’t let me lose my identity. If you're not willing to take me as I am then maybe you don’t deserve me.

7. I have a job; I can pay for my own meals, shoes, food, and cable. It just feels so good to be taken care of by you. It’s really simple, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. Don’t resent it! 

8. There’s that time of month when you don’t want to be remotely close to me. TRUST ME!

9. I'm not a fish; my memory tends to last longer than your average two week period. Don’t blame me for bringing up previous arguments, I forgive you already but I'm just using them to prove a point. 

10. I'm not always right. When I'm wrong I’ll admit it.

I gotta go now; maybe I’ll run into you today, but until then expect a letter from me shortly! 
Love: your future wife.


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  1. I really like funny..amazing and true!! its a brief summury of what each girl want to say to her futur husband!!
    thanks for sharing it ;)