Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lili Boniche

Lili Boniche (Elie Boniche) was born in 1921 in Algiers from a Jewish family. He is one of the most famous Andalusian-Arab music singers. He was an innovator in music, mixing oriental rhythms with jazz and African Latin music. He died in Paris, in 2008. 

This song is my favorite version of Carlos Eleta Almaran's "Historia de un Amor". A wonderful romantic performance, with a perfect harmony of instruments, lyrics and vocal. 

This reminds us of a beautiful era, when Algeria had real artists, when people were singing love in a pure way, where all Algerians were living in peace and harmony no matter their origins. 

أنا في الحب

أنا في الحب ماذا عديت
سهرت الليالي و ماذا قاسيت
هطلوا دموعي و بكيت 
خبيت سري و كميت
هذي قصتي في الحب

أنا سبابي في الحب نظرة 
ألقيتها تبعت الجرة
ملكتني و سكنت قلبي
خلاتني بحبها مسبي
راه بي عالم ربي
و بحبها أنا اللي رضيت

منهو اللي يشفق على حالي
نبات نحسب نجوم الليالي
ما نرقد ما يجيني النوم
أو ما علي حتى لوم
كي نشوفها يزولو لهموم 
آه يا ربي واش قاسيت 

Me in Love

Me in love, how much I endured!
I stayed up so many nights, how much I suffered!
My tears fell down and I cried
I hid my secret and I fell silent 
This is my love story 

I fell in love because of her stare
I came across her and followed her
She owned me and haunted my heart
Enchanted she left me 
God knows what I feel 
I chose her love by my own 

Who will have mercy on me
I stay up counting the stars every night
I cannot sleep 
And I am not the one to blame
When I see her all my troubles fade away
Oh! God, just how much I suffered! 




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