Friday, May 6, 2011

Lena Chamamyan

One of my favourite Arabic singers! This song is an hymn which is thought to be sung by Mary after the crucifixion, two thousands years ago. A beautiful performance! 

دعوني أجود بالبكاء
على وحدي وحدي
فانهمري يادموع العين
و اذرفي كبدي
فؤادي انكوى على الحبيب
و خانني جلدي
وحيدي قضى، وحيدي الحبيب
فتفطري يا كبدي


Let me burst in tears
Lonely, I mourn my only son
Flow, O my tears!
And shed my pain
My heart is burnt for the Beloved
And my patience betrayed me
My only son died, my Beloved only son
So break, O my heart!  

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